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Whether you're running a start up, or going global with your existing business - we can definitely help you find the short road to your goals!

We know how to bring your IT ideas to life. Lean methodologies help us make make optimal use of the available resources, money and time, while keeping focus on your business goals.

Our Team

Anton d.


Managing happiness, for both customers and members of our team (since those fiends are highly related). As a hobby - I try to increase chances of modern civilazation for sustainable development, and to achieve happiness for all leaving creatures through that.

Arhip d.

Python Developer

I deeply believe that AI holds strong power to address many of the challenges we face as a society. That's why I am passionately dedicated to using artificial intelligence technologies in innovative and creative ways to make the world a better place.

Alexandr T.

Internal communications

Internal communications, integrations and automations
Plays saxophone and abit bass-guitar, loves and creates mixture of electronic, ethnic and dub/reggae music.

ANdrey S.


Quality and user experience improvements. Like basketball and beer.


Backend Developer

Development of api for web applications in Python.  Developing  projects using Django, Flask, FastAPI, OpenAI, LangChain.


Junior Manager/VA

I have just started my journey in IT as a manager/VA. I enjoy biking and hiking. I'm a fan of thrillers, sci-fi, and the Marvel universe.

Danil P.

Backend developer

Develop AI technologies to see surprised faces

Denis T.

Lead Golang Engineer

Designs resilient APIs, libraries, and tools to enhance customer site performance. Manages full software lifecycle from design to production. Defines product architecture, including technologies and design principles.


Project Manager

I started my career in IT as a QA, but then by duty I got into management. I'm now striving to improve my skill level in this area. I have a keen sense of justice and I'm a gamer with experience. I love cats, the sea and summer rainstorms.

Natalya d.

Ux/ui Designer

I design interfaces for platforms and mobile applications. I design and make up the design of landing pages, as well as do illustration and animation.

Nikita Y.

Backend/LLM Developer

Developing all kinds of cool stuff that will enslave us



Development of api for web applications in PHP and Node JS. Development in the Unity environment. Developing headless projects for ethereum network. Running and configuring server hardware based on docker.


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